29 Jun 2014

My First Drawings

I've been doing a lot of studying lately for art as I've had so many ideas but just couldn't get them on to paper, where my skill didn't match my imagination. That is SO frustrating and the studying has limited my productivity too which makes it doubly frustrating.

So I was feeling a little blue, despite learning so much and knowing I'm investing that time in my future I'm not known for my patience hehe.

Then the other day, Mum was sorting out some photos for a scrapbooking workshop and she came across some of my first ever scribbles and I had to smile...as you can see I was never normal if you go by the multi-coloured clown type person walking a blue dog.

These drawings reminded me that we all start somewhere and to just keep going and to not be too hard on myself :) (oh and yes my surname was Holdup once...I changed it to Creftor as it's the Cornish/Kernowek name for 'artisan' and I have strong Cornish ancestry)

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