28 Oct 2022

Felt Bat Decoration with Free Pattern

 I've been a fan of working with felt for a long time and have enjoyed making a few kits by people like Corinne Lapierre but can never resist putting my own twist on the designs, so I thought it was about time I tried designing my own from scratch!

As it's so close to Halloween (not that I need an excuse to be spooky) I thought I'd try a bat and I won't lie, this project tested my patience haha. But, I'm so glad I stuck with it as I'm thrilled with the results. I've included the video of my process below, and also the pattern if you wish to make your own.

I simplified the pattern in the end (hindsight is a wonderful thing), as after changing the ears I thought "Duh, I could've done the whole thing with just two main pieces instead of six". As the video is of the original, it has been made with the six pieces, but I've given instructions below for the easier version.

I hope you enjoy this, please let me know how you get on. I'll definitely be designing more with felt in the future and sharing the patterns on here, so watch this space!

Have a goodun, Karen x

Free Felt Bat Halloween Decoration Pattern


  • Black felt
  • White felt
  • Stranded cotton in 

  1. white ( DMC B5200)
  2. grey ( DMC 413)
  3. pink ( DMC 3687)
  4. red ( DMC 498)

  • Beads:
  1. small seed beads in teal size 11/0
  2. 2x rondelle beads in black 5x4mm
  3. 8x red bicone beads 4x4mm
  • small piece of toy stuffing

Felt Bat Free Pattern

Just click on the image below, then right click and save to download


  1. Print and cut out the template pieces in the quantities mentioned
  2. Draw around the templates onto felt and cut out
  3. Embroider as shown and using the couching method add seed beads to wings
  4. Sew on ruff below the face
  5. Sew on rondelle beads for eyes (marked by stars)
  6. Holding the two main pieces together and using an overstitch sew the backing to the front, leaving a small opening at the bottom of the body for stuffing and adding red bicone beads at the points on the wings
  7. Sew across the base of ears and wings (marked by the dashed line) creating a pocket for the main body only.
  8. Stuff main body and sew shut the opening
  9. Attach a loop at the top of the head for hanging if desired

Terms of Use

This pattern is for personal use only and may not be copied, altered or redistributed without written permission from the designer. If you know someone who may like this pattern, please send them the link to this page!

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