Well hello there, and welcome to my blog!

Me next to my messy crafting table.

Pleased to meet you- you've probably guessed by now my name is Karen, but don't worry I won't ask to see your manager! I love a wide range of crafts and after many years of trying to tie myself down to one craft to specialise in (because everyone says you have to have a 'niche') I came to the conclusion that that's just not me. So, here you will find a host of news, ponderings, free patterns and tutorials for all the crafts I enjoy...

  • cross-stitch
  • knitting
  • pyrography (wood-burning)
  • stitching (felt, embroidery etc.)
  • Kumihimo (braiding)
  • drawing- particularly Celtic Knotwork

I'm originally from SE London, England and now live with my partner of 25 years Tony and our 14 year old cat Lillybel on the SE coast in East Sussex.

Our naughty-tortie Lillybel
I first got into crafting at a very young age due to health problems. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome- hypermobility type (hEDS), a genetic connective tissue disorder, which meant I grew up pretty isolated and being the days before the internet stole all our waking moments (Gen X'er here) I had to find ways to keep boredom at bay. 

Me and Tony 25 years ago.
I was pretty much glued to pencil and paper- I carried them everywhere with me to draw, design, set myself maths questions and practice my handwriting. My mum taught me how to knit when I was five (she herself was taught by her aunt when she was 6), after she noticed me trying to copy her. She also taught me cross-stitch when I was around 7, but I got fed up with the designs out there so started to design my own with the help of Jo Verso's book Picture it in Cross-Stitch.

I believe in the therapeutic benefits of creativity- especially for mental health and dealing with chronic pain. I believe strongly that everyone should have access to art and crafts, hence why you will find an ever-growing range of patterns and tutorials on this blog for free. More designs are also available as an instant download from my shop, with an occasional selection of handmade items for sale as well.

If you have anything you'd like to ask me, you can find me on Instagram or you can contact me directly using the form in the sidebar. TTFN! xx